At Relevantor, we are passionate about relevant content and we’re dedicated to helping you:

  • Enhance the “freshness” of your web content
  • Increase conversions by keeping your visitors engaged
  • Decrease bounces and abandonments by helping visitors find what they’re looking for effortlessly
  • Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of relevancy 

How Do We Do It?

We don’t do it—you do! We realize that no one knows your target audience better than you, and we’re guessing you’re a pretty savvy eMarketer armed with plenty of data and analytics. What we do is offer you another tool to add to your arsenal, one that could very well separate you from your competitors and increase your bottom line.

We’ll help you use data in ways you didn’t think possible, and more importantly, in ways your competitors haven’t yet discovered. Our relevant content algorithm is designed to replace boring, generic landing pages with fresh, dynamic content. This technology helps you present diverse content to as many different segments of your target audience as you wish. How? By allowing you to create rules that direct the flow of information from your website to your customer’s desktop, enabling you to deliver relevant content to the right person at the right time.

As a Result, Your Visitors Will Be More Likely To:

  • Stay on your page longer
  • Click links
  • Fill out forms
  • Return to your site
  • And ultimately convert!

We provide you with limitless opportunities to put your best foot forward to your individual web visitors, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what they’re looking for. It’s targeted web marketing at its best. See for yourself what a difference relevancy can make — sign up for a demo today!

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