Is SEO Becoming Irrelevant?

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SEO irrelevant? You must think I’ve lost my marbles. SEO is the granddaddy of all internet marketing strategies. Without it, we don’t have a chance of being found amidst the sea of content online—or do we? Yes, SEO has risen to its peak over the last decade, entire companies are devoted to the practice, and it even has different colored hats to wear apparently (spiffy!), but it may indeed be on the downslope. Why? Because there’s a new cowboy in town.  His name? Discovery. Allow me to explain.

Discovery vs SEO

Why SEO Has Called the Shots until Now

SEO has enjoyed a long stint of being the star of web marketing efforts everywhere. It’s been so effective in improving website visibility because up until just recently, most everyone used search engines like Google and Bing to find what they were looking for online. “Google it” became a common directive, and homepages on PCs everywhere were set to Yahoo, AOL, or another preferred web browser.

But alas, times have changed. Although search engines are nowhere near obsolete, the clouds are darkening over the land of SEO. A new day is approaching—the dawn of discovery!

The Rise of Discovery

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and recently Pinterest are helping usher in a new era of web browsing. Unlike the previous era, users will no longer be reliant upon search engines to deliver relevant content. Instead, the web will become a more intuitive place where relevant content simply floats around the user just waiting to be discovered. It’s the difference between walking into a room and searching for your keys and having someone present you with several different sets for you to choose from. An improvement? I think so.

The Importance of Relevant Content

In a virtual world dominated by discovery, SEO will no longer play as big a role. That means if you’ve been relying on it as the primary means of driving traffic to your site, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board. With discovery at the verge of overtaking SEO, relevant content combined with a good social media strategy will be among the most important tools in your web marketing tool box. This means you’ll no longer need to resort to keyword stuffing in order to reach your audience. Instead, you can craft your message to real people with real pains and real problems to solve.

How a Content Optimization Service Can Help

The dawning era of discovery also means that the short attention spans of your online visitors will become even shorter. Surrounded by relevant content on their preferred social media networks, they’re likely to get used to the convenience and expect the same from your website. Will your content pass the scan test? How can you be sure that the message your visitor finds will be personalized and engaging enough to prevent a bounce?

A content optimization service that analyzes each user’s digital footprint and uses the data to deliver the most relevant content on your site can certainly help. After all, in the era of discovery, one-size-fits-all content will most assuredly become extinct.

Efi Rodik
Co-Founder & CEO
Relevantor LLC

Ready to heighten your relevancy? Learn more about how a content optimization service can funnel your content to the right audience at the right time, sign up for our free service, or request a demo to see it in action.


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  2. I think link building is the main part of seo i think link building never die.Its just you need some tweaks with Social media to boost up SEO.

  3. I always have some questions about SEO, but after reading this article I found my all answers.

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