3 Proven Ways to Make Your Site Gender-Optimized

March 23, 2012 at 9:37 am | Posted in Digital Marketing, Relevant Content | 2 Comments
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Let’s start this post with a word from Captain Obvious, shall we? Ready? Here goes. Men and women are different. Shocking, I know. If you ask any random person on the street to list some differences between guys and gals, you’d surely get an earful. We could rattle off a dozen such differences without batting an eyelash, so why is it that digital marketers are still, by and large, treating both genders to the same one-size-fits-all content?

The Product Pitch
Think about it. If a man and a woman walked into a clothing boutique, do you think the salesperson would treat them the same? Would she hold up the latest designer dress that happens to be on sale despite the fact that she’s talking to a 6 ft-tall slightly overweight male customer? Of course not, but that’s exactly the faulty tactic many online stores are still using. This is despite the fact that content optimization tools are available which would allow them to present different products to their male customers than the ones showcased for the females.

The Type of Content
Presenting different products to males and females is just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are many different ways to present gender-optimized content. A recent study conducted by ClickZ revealed that men and women respond differently to different types of content. Whereas women prefer “how-to” and informative, magazine-type articles, men like concise bits of information such as news blurbs, stock reports, sports scores, and weather predictions. While your site may not be able to replicate the exact nature of the content men and women like best, it can take some cues from the types of content each gender prefers. For example, why not present your content in article-form to women while displaying a bullet list of key points to your male visitors?

The Time Factor
This same study also showed that women tend to spend a significantly longer amount of time on any given page, indicating that you may be able to get a gal wrapped up in a long article or lengthy sales pitch. Men, on the other hand, revealed much shorter attention spans, meaning you will have to present them with something engaging immediately, or they’ll bounce away from your site quicker than your kids’ rubber band collection.

Keep these three gender disparities in mind as you optimize your web site content, and you’ll soon find popularity among both the skirts and the suits who visit your site.

Efi Rodik
Co-Founder & CEO
Relevantor LLC

Ready to heighten your relevancy? Learn more about how a content optimization service can funnel your content to the right audience at the right time, or request a demo to see it in action.


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