Neuroscience Now Supports Relevant, Personalized Content Thanks to Study of the Brain Waves of Facebook Users

March 2, 2012 at 11:27 am | Posted in Digital Marketing, Relevant Content | 1 Comment
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Have you been considering making your web content more relevant to your online visitors? Well, you can stop questioning whether or not these efforts would be worthwhile because scientists have now proven what we marketers have long suspected—that the more personalized web content is, the more likely visitors will be to respond to it.

The Study

Researchers arrived at this conclusion after evaluating the brain waves of Facebook users upon being exposed to content from their own personal newsfeeds as opposed to content from The New York Times and the Yahoo! home page. The study, sponsored by—you guessed it, Facebook—and conducted by NeuroFocus, monitored three distinct reactions to the content, namely the viewer’s level of attention, emotional engagement, and memory retention. Subjects responded better in all three areas when viewing the personal content from Facebook as opposed to the increasingly more generic content presented by Yahoo! and The New York Times respectively.

Makes sense, right? But, I know what you’re thinking—not all websites can, should, or even want to make their pages as personalized as a Facebook newsfeed or even as curated as a Pinterest board. Valid point. But, I still believe we web marketers have something to learn from this study.

The Takeaway

Bottom line—the more personal (i.e. relevant) you can make your web content to your visitors, the more attention they will pay your site, the more engaged they will become, and the more likely your content and brand will hang around in their memories long enough to prompt them to revisit your site or tell their friends about what they read.

In internet marketing speak, that means less bounce rates, more conversions, and increased retention and referrals. Cha-ching.

A New Approach

Let’s face it—with the epidemic of content overload most people are experiencing these days, you need to set yourself apart and be memorable—now more than ever. What better way to do that than by letting your visitor know that they’re important to you—more important than SEO or page rankings? Because after all, it’s not about the amount of traffic you get on any given day. What it’s really about is how you make the most of that traffic.

Does providing personal content mean that you or your webmaster will have to write a million different scripts for each segment of your target market? Absolutely not! You may be surprised to know that it can be as easy as copying and pasting. Curious? Find out more about our relevant content algorithm and how it can help you personalize your web content for every online visitor.

Efi Rodik
Co-Founder & CEO
Relevantor LLC

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