4 Signs Your Web Content May Not be As Relevant As You Think

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So, you’ve got a pretty nifty website. Maybe you particularly like its design and usability. Perhaps you’ve even managed to climb the SERPs to increase your site’s traffic and visibility. Congratulations! You’ve got some clever tools in your web marketing tool box. Don’t celebrate too much yet, though. Even smart internet marketers like you often overlook one important aspect of a high quality web site (you know, the kind that converts). This often neglected element is relevancy. No, I’m not talking about being relevant to the search engines (though that certainly helps); I’m talking about being relevant where it really counts—in the eyes of your visitors. If you think you may be guilty of depriving your web guests of the relevancy they deserve, read on to discover four signs that your web content may not be as relevant as you think.

·        High Bounce Rates
Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? High bounce rates (anything over 35%) should be a clear indication that something is amiss with your website. Now assuming your buttons are properly placed on your landing page and you’re not smothering your visitors with content (i.e. pages full of wordy, overly technical, or company-centric text), then I’d be willing to bet you have a relevancy problem. There’s likely something on your site that’s turning visitors away because it’s simply not relevant to them.

·        Low Conversions
If your site is getting plenty of traffic, but your conversions are still not what you’d like them to be, then you could be missing the mark in terms of relevancy. Look at your path to conversion, follow it yourself as if you were the visitor, and determine whether there’s anything along the way that’s causing your visitors to abandon their shopping carts or otherwise jump ship. It could be something as simple as a form field that they have no answer for or an advertisement for a service they’re already subscribed to. Anything that makes the customer question their decision or feel that your offer isn’t right for them is enough to lose them forever.

·        Generic Forms
Let’s talk a bit more about those forms on your website. Do you use the same forms for all of your visitors? If so, then there’s no wonder why not everyone is filling them out. What if your visitor doesn’t belong to a company per se, but you’ve asked them to submit a company name? What if they live outside the U.S., yet your form asks them for a state? While it’s possible to eliminate some of these issues by carefully choosing your form fields, if you were able to present different forms to different users based on behavioral data and other factors, then you could still collect the information you need or want while keeping the visitor from bouncing.

·        One-Size-Fits-All Messaging
If you’re serious about your online marketing, then you’ve probably spent a great deal of time identifying your target market. You probably know what most of these people want and need and you may have even done some A/B testing to determine what the majority of them respond to best, but are you still leaving a portion of your visitors out in the cold when it comes to your messaging? If you’re presenting the same content to every visitor, then there’s no question that you’ve alienated a good segment of your target market. How many bounces is this one-size-fits-all approach causing? How many conversions are lost because you’ve failed to address the nuances amongst your visitors?

With the massive amounts of information most of your visitors are sifting through every day, you’re lucky that they’re giving your site a passing glance. If you want to keep their heavily sought-after attention, then you’re going to have to wow them with relevancy. Show them personalized, custom content on your site, and they won’t bounce or abandon their carts; instead, they’ll come back for more of that dynamic content specifically curated for them.

Ready to heighten your relevancy? Learn more about how a content optimization service can funnel your content to the right audience at the right time, or request a demo to see it in action.

Efi Rodik
Co-Founder & CEO
Relevantor LLC


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  1. […] is what it’s all about. Shock value and entertainment can only go so far. If the sticky content you provide on your site isn’t relevant, then it’s not likely to resonate with your visitors. In fact, they’ll probably bounce […]

    • True! This 4 things are sure tell tale signs that your content may not be striking chord with your readers.

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