How You Can Create a “Curated” Website Instantly

February 13, 2012 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Digital Marketing, Relevant Content, Social Media | 2 Comments
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There is new term making its way into the vernacular of web marketers everywhere—the “curated web.” Apparently, this new version of the Internet will be created largely by web users, not content developers. According to the e-experts (some of them self-proclaimed), the new web will evolve into a personalized experience for each individual web user as a result of their input into social media sites like Pinterest and to a lesser degree, Facebook and Twitter.

Why A Curated Web?

All of this buzz forces one to consider why a need for such a thing even exists. What’s wrong with the current version of the web? Well, for one thing, the web is constantly being updated with more and more information. Although that’s necessarily not a bad thing—more web content is certainly a positive—the problem lies in its organization, or lack thereof.

Although Google has done a decent job so far of providing a beacon for users searching for a specific topic or item in the sea of information online, even they miss the mark a good percentage of the time. And with their attempt to integrate social search into their platform, they may be muddying the waters even more.

A curated web is necessary to make sense of what is beginning to seem more and more like content chaos.

Fortunately for you, your business doesn’t have to be Pinterest or even resemble it to offer your users a curated web experience. And you certainly don’t have to wait around to collect your data one pin at a time to begin presenting relevant content to different segments of your target market. Curated, in this context, essentially means personalized, and whether you know it or not, you already have the data to present a custom web experience to each of your visitors—even newcomers. All you need now is the right tool.

How A Relevant Content Optimization Service Can Help

A relevant content optimization service can give your visitors a curated, personalized experience by matching them with the content on your site that is most relevant to their needs. That way, instead of landing on your page and being bombarded with a bunch of content or products they’re simply not interested in, they’ll see what they’re looking for immediately. Web users, most of whom suffer from content overload, will appreciate this personalized service and reward you with increased conversions and purchases. They’ll also be more likely to tell their friends about your site. It’s true—a relevant content optimization service can set you apart from the competition, and as you well know, there’s a lot of it out there these days.

Ready to begin curating? Check out RelevantorTM, a relevant content optimization service that can organize the content on your site to suit each of your visitor’s needs and preferences.


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