What Does Relevantor Do?

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how it works
Relevantor acts as a gatekeeper for each entry point on your web site, determining the most relevant content to display to each user. For instance, a politician’s web site whose criteria includes geographical location will be able to present different (and more effective) “selling points” to his constituents based on which area they live in. The same holds true for retailers who may wish to present different styles of clothing to customers living in various climates. In essence, Relevantor makes sure that your target audience sees content that is most closely aligned with their needs and desires, making your sales and conversions soar.

How Does It Work?
Relevantor works by using a relevant content algorithm which optimizes the impact of your site’s content by presenting each visitor with the most relevant content available. By setting “relevancy rules” for your website (s), you can decide which content each user sees when they visit your site. Relevantor will assess certain factors (of your choosing) including visitor location, time of day, keyword search terms, referring web sites, and other data to determine which content is most relevant to the individual user. Once the relevant content is displayed, the visitor is much more likely to stay on your site, see what you have to offer, fill out a form, or make a purchase. It’s targeted web marketing at its best.

How Much Does It Cost?
Because Relevantor realizes that you are ultimately in control of your web site and its success, we’ve allowed you to determine how much (or how little) you want to spend optimizing your site’s content. How? By offering you several “Relevancies” packages to choose from. Relevancies are our special currency that allows you to redirect each online visitor to the most appealing and relevant content for them. Once your site becomes optimized with our relevancy-enhancing service, you’ll start seeing less bounces and abandonments and more conversions, meaning the service will likely pay for itself! If your Relevancy account gets low, we’ll send you a friendly reminder that you need to add more Relevancies. That way, you can keep your site as relevant as possible at all times.
How Do I Sign Up?
Signing up for Relevantor is easy. Simply go to www.relevantor.com, click on the “Register Now” button, and fill out the form. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with a link to begin adding your web site(s).

How Do I Start Using Relevantor?
Once you’ve added a web site to your account, you’ll have access to a unique code to place on the top of each page on your site. This is the code that will enable Relevantor to present the most relevant content available to each individual visitor. Simply copy and paste, and your site will instantly become more relevant than ever before. You can then start adding relevancy rules to your account to customize your service, making it even more relevant to your site’s specific needs and goals. Purchase as many Relevancies as you need to ensure continued content optimization for each of your online visitors. It’s easy, but most importantly, it’s effective!

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